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5 Things Your QA Manager Wishes You Knew About Software Testing

5 Things Your QA Manager Wishes You Knew About Software Testing

Take some advice from the QA side with this list of suggestions for developers.

Quality assurance teams have become more important to software development projects. As more groups turn to agile software testing, QA will play a more critical role for program creation. However, there are a few things that QA Managers wish stakeholders knew about their roles in software testing like:

  1. The Know-It-All Bug

Developers still miss out on the research required to find the bugs in the code.

  1. Taking Testing metrics only as a benchmark

Use QA metrics to drive team performance and promote effective test management instead.

  1. Forgetting the art of praise

Testers vehemently voice the lack of appreciation from the management.

  1. Testing is absolutely mandatory

Testing is not waste of time. Instead it helps build developer reliability and earning more assignments.

  1. Error corrections with improved expertise and communications

Looking back at the events and process help in judging the quality of process and improve testing efficiency.

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Original content by Kyle Nordeen