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6 Most-Subscribed Cross-Platform App Tools in 2016

6 Most-Subscribed Cross-Platform App Tools in 2016

New smartphones and tablets are launched every month. The latest mobile gadgets are bigger, thinner, faster and lighter, and yet come with a mind-numbing set of features, most of them remodeled from the previous versions and many more that are superlative for business and social trending.

But it is not about mobiles alone. It is also about the core software and the applications that drive them. With the way application development tools upgrade, it is worthwhile to watch for new trends and what’s in store.

Here is a quick review on fresh, reasonably priced, and most subscribed cross-platform application development tools in 2016.


Acquired as recently as February 2016 by Microsoft, Xamarin is created by the same set of engineers who built Mono for Android and MonoTouch. Its cross-platform efficiency allows the use of portable control codes mapped to native controls across Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can build a new app using an existing team of developers and code. Xamarin’s cutting edge apps are built using its product line consisting of:

  • Xamarin Platform
  • Forms
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin for Visual Studio
  • Xamarin Studio
  • Mac
  • .Net Mobility Scanner

Pricing: $25 – $158 per month

Unity 3D

(Pronounced as Yuniti J) Innovative to the core, Unity 3D is the palette for application developers involved in highly interactive, high-graphics 3D gaming apps across multiple platforms. It supports codes in #C, UnityScript (referred to as JavaScript for Unity) and Boo. Turn those traditional gaming consoles into contemporary chartbusters compatible with PC, consoles, mobiles and websites.

It specifically targets the following APIs and developer can choose from the assortment as per requirement.

  • Direct3D- Windows and Xbox 360
  • OpenGL- Mac and Windows
  • OpenGL ES- Android and iOS
  • Propriety APIs- video game consoles

Supported platforms:

  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Blackberry10
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Nintendo 3S/Wii/ Wii U
  • OS X
  • PlayStation 3/4/ Vita
  • Windows, Windows Phone 8
  • Xbox 360/ One


  • $75 for subscription
  • $1500 per month for licensed ownership


Free, and yet this cross-platform framework delivers outstanding applications with speed 10 times its competitors. Other than audio and graphics, Corona SDK also allows encryption, networking in addition to extracting device information like user input, accelerometer and GPS performance.

Easy to work with and develop, the codes are integrated with Lua, C++ AND Open GL. They run perfectly for 2D games and educational apps. You can build apps for Android, Windows, iPad, iPhone and OS X.

Corona Enterprise provides additional capabilities of using native code in app development.


  • Corono SDK-Free
  • Corona Enterprise- $ 75 per developer per month
  • Corona Enterprise for Unlimited-$199 per developer per month for hosting and plug-in support


Looking for a kiosk application development tool? Kony fits into business apps with single code base. It supports developers as well as enterprises in developing, deploying and managing apps for native and web channels. Kony MobileFabric is a pre-built back-end package exclusively for messaging and location services- MBaaS.

Native Apps

  • OS 3+
  • Android 2.0+
  • Blackberry 4.5+
  • webOS
  • Windows
  • Symbian/MeeGo (Qt SDK)

Mobile Web apps

  • Mobile Web – Legacy
  • Basic/ Basic with JavaScript
  • Advanced devices
  • Mobile Web- HTML5
  • Desktop Web


  • Kony Mobility Platform- Free download
  • Kony Visualizer- Free trial for 90 days
  • Kony MobileFabric- Free trial for 90 days


An underdog for most developers, Kinvey is actually a pioneer when it comes to building innovative cross-platform application development tools. Legacy behind its name, Kinvey invented MBaaS as we know it today in 2011. It is the best tool for enterprise apps looking for massive infrastructure upgrades using Cloud back-end support.


  • Kinvey Business Launch- $24,000 per app, annually
  • Kinvey Business Scale- $64,000 per app, annually
  • Kinvey Enterprise- NA (Customized, private dedicated team)


Owned by the Bonnier Group, Mag+ app SDK is preferred for digital publishing platforms. It is a top-tier app development tool suitably integrating the best of print industry dealing in multi-issue publications, catalogs and marketing collateral. A brand name for major museums, art galleries and fashion house, Mag+ is the go-to tool considering its robust operation and time-saving coding optimization with superior back-end support.


  • Single- $999 (One app, one publish)
  • Single Pro- $3499 (5 Apps, web export)
  • Multi- $499/month (one app, multiple publishing)
  • Multi Pro- $699/month (one app, unlimited publishing, web export)
  • All Access- $2999 (10 apps, unlimited publishing, web export, app creation and submission services)

Watch for our next article on application development tools for start-ups next week.