Allconnect Improves Service Delivery with Technology Partner Charter Global

Allconnect engaged Charter Global to develop and implement a Continuous Delivery process that would help the growing services integrator improve delivery of customer services.



Tippu Gagguturu, CIO

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Charter Global was engaged by Allconnect to develop and implement a Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) toolset for their sales and ordering SOA platform in the AWS cloud and a data exchange application to expand their platform capabilities. After implementing the new processes, Allconnect experienced a more homogenous product development and deployment process.




Allconnect is a leading multi-channel marketplace that simplifies the purchase of services for the connected home. Charter Global worked closely with them to develop and implement a continuous delivery process that would help the growing services integrator improve delivery of customer services.


“This collaboration had a significant impact on how we conduct our business,” said Tippu Gagguturu, CIO of Allconnect. “Allconnect partners with multiple major utilities and home service providers to provide a convenient single source for consumers to connect their homes. Engaging Charter Global for this project enabled us to take our delivery system to the next level so we can respond more quickly to consumer needs.”


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