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Allconnect Testimonial

Allconnect Testimonial

CIO of Allconnect Neil Singer sat down with Charter Global to discuss the success of a 4 year partnership.

The partnership began when Allconnect realized their 10+ year-old operating platform, which had worked well in the past, was reaching its limitations and was in need of updating. Pain points with bringing on new software and going forward with enhancements arose with the code and application being so intertwined in terms of the architecture. Allconnect chose CGI as the partner to help build the overall application suite. At its peak, there were over 100 individuals working on this massive project, the majority being Charter Global people. Most development was happening offshore, and Allconnect found great success. But don’t take our word for it, watch the video to find out more about the project and how CGI’s helped Allconnect completely redesign and implement a new services oriented architecture.

“The value we got out of it, the results we got out of it, were significant. So ultimately the productivity and the value that we got out of our Charter Global relationship was really outstanding. And they’re a great partner for us and we are very pleased with that relationship and want to continue that relationship.” – Neil Singer

We are pleased and greatly appreciate the longstanding partnership with Allconnect as well. We look forward to the future projects and years to come!

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