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Benefits of Machine Learning to Enhance Business Solutions

Let us help you create a machine learning system that uses your historic data to predict your customer behavior.   It has been shown that people generally respond better to live Customer Service Representatives (CSRs); however, there are benefits of including Machine Learning or AI into a sales process. By…

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Benefits of Machine Learning

How Often Should You Update Your App?

We all know that application development (App Dev) is expensive and it can take several months to complete. These projects are strategic corporate investments, and they must be updated through the process of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to achieve the full market value for the App.    …

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App update

5 Ways to Use Artificial intelligence (AI) Right Away for a Success Business in 2020

Artificial intelligence could become the future of business, but we strongly suggest that you don’t need to wait to start leveraging from it.   Artificial Intelligence or sometimes called “machine learning” is growing rapidly within many industries, due to the complex benefits associated with this new technology. From restructuring administrative activities…

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Effective Remote Onboarding for Highest retention rate during COVID-19 Pandemic

Some companies have stayed calm in response to the coronavirus outbreak like cutting costs and employee layoffs and other companies having no choice but to speed up and accelerate remote onboarding efforts to meet consumer and market demands even during the global pandemic.   Industries like Automotive, Pharma, IT, and…

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Effective Remote Onboarding