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Make 2021 the Year of Strategic Success!

It is common at the end of the year to reflect back on your organization’s balanced scorecard. As we all know the year, 2020 produces a plethora of challenges and opportunities. Some business sectors thrived, while others encountered difficulties. For many organizations, goals and objectives went unrealized, due to the…

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corporate strategic planning

Building a 2021 Budget for Your App Development

No matter the industry, businesses have found that mobile apps have revolutionized the way they market products, make sales, and interact with customers. As more companies jump on board with an application idea, here at Charter Global, we often get asked this common question: “How much does it cost?”  …

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App Development Budget

Reaching Your Q4 Goals with Automation

Q4 usually has a big impact on companies as they focus on ramping up sales and getting in touch with old clients. Due to all the unexpected events this year, your Q4 goals might need to be revisited and reevaluated. 2020 might not have given your business the same opportunities…

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Enterprise Mobile Application Development Strategy

The key to designing, developing, launching, and maintaining an effective mobile application is contingent upon establishing a sustainable mobile application development strategy: Define the objectives/goals (e.g., understanding why an organization needs mobile apps, and what business processes they will support); identify the business requirements and the technical requirements / strategic…

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Benefits of Machine Learning to Enhance Business Solutions

Let us help you create a machine learning system that uses your historic data to predict your customer behavior.   It has been shown that people generally respond better to live Customer Service Representatives (CSRs); however, there are benefits of including Machine Learning or AI into a sales process. By…

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