Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and your Smart Phone


Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and your Smart Phone

There is a reason that Google and Yahoo were some of the earliest users of Big Data: they needed it the most to sift through the massive quantities of consumer data in order to make advertising dollars. Without Big Data, the search engines could not configure their algorithms for posting ads directly targeted at prospects. They needed to know someone just searched for “best restaurant in town” to then get ads visible for those very restaurants.


However,another function was needed is joining the Big Data world with Mobility solutions: Artificial Intelligence. AI is crafting itself as an essential piece of technology by forming solutions from a wide range of data across the web and in various formats from Maps, to visual items, GEO-spacial information and subject matter expertise.


And it is all being delivered to you on 6 inch piece of plastic and silicon: your smart phone


Apple has Siri answering questions. Google Now does the same thing for Android, as does the new third party option, Cortana.


Artificial Intelligence is being expanded faster than ever, and it is becoming more than just a guide book or secretary – your phone assistant will be able to solve important problems for you, – sort of like a universal expert on thousands of topics and common problems.


A new AI company to watch out for is Vivi Labs founded by the people who made Siri and IBM’s Watson AI software. They are crafting amazing possibilities to better lives around the world.


How does a partnership help you?


Partnering with a strong IT services organization like Charter Global gives you the ability to utilize your IT departments more efficiently, which ultimately makes you more productive in any big data initiative.


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