Big Data Webinar Abstract


Big Data Webinar Abstract

This is a webinar on true analytics and for those who communicate in a Business-IT Eco-System. The topic will be of great benefit to IT personnel responsible for real-time information gathering BEFORE utilizing predictive analytics.


In 1977, John Tukey (coined the term ‘bit’ from binary digit, in the 50’s! ) wrote a seminal book on Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). He observed that there was too much post statistical data analysis being done and not enough exploration of the data in raw form. Such is the case today with Big Data and we all know that Hadoop, being a top-down solution, hasn’t helped matters any. If you agree, then continue on.


This webinar will first and foremost focus on the word ‘analysis’ in stark contrast to the phrase ‘predictive analytics’. As you will see, analysis means ‘fundamental building blocks’. Predictive analytics, on the other hand, is a user of these blocks; they do not make them. Based on Tukey’s EDA approach, the words ‘descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive’, each seen preceding the word analytics, form terms that are fundamentally differentiated from EDA.


This webinar will revisit the true definition of analysis in terms of EDA, and in fact, do so by leveraging Bloom’s (Cognitive Domain) Taxonomy. From there, we will gingerly move into visual analytics. Do not expect Dashboards. We are simply going to demonstrate the power of the pixels on your screen. We are encouraging the BIT Eco-Sys players to ingest a very practical and proven technique of 1-1 correspondence between a mathematically based building block element and a colored pixel. We call it base-band visualization, where the adjective, base-band, comes from communications. Aside from examples and references, that’s it. Let’s walk before we run…but we will run.



Download the presentation: CGI Big Data Webinar


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