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Upgrading to New Angular Versions

Think of how a phone acts when it has not been updated regularly – it’s sluggish, some of the apps don’t work, and you are not able to utilize all the new features everyone is talking about. This is exactly the situation when people do not update their version of…

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version of Angular

Moving On-Site Applications to the Cloud

In the past, companies were forced to build and host all of their applications on their servers. This made working on those applications difficult without being on-site and often slowed down their servers for everyone else at the company. Maintaining these closed-circuit servers were expensive and needed constant monitoring. As…

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What Is Cloud Migration

Why Is There Such a Demand for Full-Stack Developers?

Whereas many people are either strictly front or back end app developers, a full-stack developer is a combination of both. These resources can work with different programming languages, are typically good at project management, can create an overarching web design, and understand the user experience well. For most full-stack developers,…

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Full Stack Developers

React vs. Angular – Which one to use?

When developing an app, it can be hard to figure out which framework to use. Across the board, there are many different options to choose from with varying features and benefits. The type of framework used is what allows the developer to alter the design, enhance performance, integrate outside sources,…

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