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What Makes “Scrum Teams So Effective”?

We know Scrum Teams are one of the most effective ways to get a project developed. But how exactly do they do it? Is it a secret that only the team knows and can implement? Where did the team learn it? Is it about motivation? Is there a way to…

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Scrum Teams So Effective

Scrum as a Service vs. Traditional Contracting

When a business is wanting to find an outside source for a development project, there are a lot of options out there. For the most part, the choices boil down to two different types: Scrum as a service and traditional contracting.   Traditional contracting is just that – the option…

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outside source for a development project

Scrum Team As a Service

The days of submitting a request to Human Resources (HR) to hire a scrum one resource at a time is the thing of the past. When your organization needs to deliver a solution quickly why not contract a Scrum Team as a Service. Forming large projects one resource at a…

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Scrum Team as a Service