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Capitalize On Cryptocurrency

The popularity of Bitcoin and Blockchain has skyrocketed. Every industry wants to capitalized on the newest technology trend. Although, what is Bitcoin and Blockchain? How can it benefit your business?   When discussing cryptocurrency, the first buzzword is Bitcoin. There is a common misunderstanding that Bitcoin is only form of…

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Cryptocurrency Charter Global

Charter Global attends SAP SAPPHIRE NOW Conference 2018

Charter Global attended the SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando, Florida, from June 5th-7th at the Orange County Convention Center. This conference allowed individuals in the industry to network and collaborate. SAP SAPPHIRE NOW involved workshops, discussion seminars, interactive booths and guest speakers; professionals were able to gain insight on boosting customer…

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SAP Sapphire Now

Charter Global offers SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris products are created for easy implementation to most businesses’ preexisting systems. The integration process is straightforward therefore fast to market. Each SAP Hybris application is linked to one another. So, as a company grows and is in need for additional support in eCommerce, marketing, sales, billing, service or…

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SAP Hybris products

Blockchain – Transforming the Big Data Landscape

As technology continues to accelerate and becomes smarter, we are entering what experts refer to as the fourth digital revolution. Blockchain has emerged as one of the leading technology trends in the industry. Let’s dive in to understand blockchain better.   Blockchain Basics Blockchain was developed in 2008 by Satoshi…

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Businesses using SAP Hybris See High ROI

In a recent study commissioned by SAP, enterprise businesses who implemented SAP Hybris saw an increase in ROI by 307%. The study, “The Economic Impact of SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud for B2B,” focused on both qualitative and quantitative information from a number of businesses who run their website using Hybris.…

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SAP Hybris See High ROI

Digital Transformation Trends in 2018

What does it really mean for companies to embrace digital transformation? Nick Candito   All the buzz now is around “digital transformation” and what it means for the future of not only your company but the entire business economy.  Like the “paradigm” movement of the ‘80s, embracing digital transformation is…

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