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3 Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid

Common digital transformation mistakes include lacking clear definition, discord between business units, and insufficient in-house skills   By Leila Kojouri   The age of digital business is here. Companies far and wide are using technology to transform their operations, adapt to changing customer demands, and acquire new business models. In…

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Digital Transformation Team

4 Mobile Applications Features Your Customers Want

Security, navigation, social media, and user feedback features are crucial for mobile applications development   Over the past 6 years, mobile applications ownership has grown by over 42%. What's more, 77% of Americans own a smartphone in 2018, up 42% from six years ago. It's safe to say, the smartphone…

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Mobile App Development

Why Your Business Needs a Mobility Strategy

Mobility Strategy Helps Businesses and Consumers A like   By Leila Kojouri   Topic: Mobility Strategy as a Valuable Business Tool   Keeping up with trending technology is vital for the success of a modern business. The integration of mobility helps businesses both large and small harness complex technology to…

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Mobility Strategy

Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the Difference Between Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence   AI and ML, although related technologies, differ in their functionality, learning capabilities, and various applications   By Leila Kojouri   Remember when concepts like Machine Learning (ML)  and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were things found in comic books and movies; strictly…

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Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence

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