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3 Ways to Adopt a Valuable Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Designing hybrid cloud environments and their implementation strategies are top-priorities when adopting enterprise-wide cloud computing initiatives   Cloud computing has become an incredibly popular model for modernizing IT portfolios. With exclusive benefits like gaining agility and speed-to-market, more and more companies are turning to public cloud software.   Hybrid cloud…

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3 Time-saving Tips for IT Leaders

Optimize time and productivity by eliminating redundant practices and adopting efficiencies in your workflow   Time moves unforgivingly fast in the world of information technology.   So fast, in fact, that keeping a well-oiled IT machine requires finding efficiencies, eliminating time-wasting approaches and taming bad habits at every juncture.  …

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3 Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid

Common digital transformation mistakes include lacking clear definition, discord between business units, and insufficient in-house skills   By Leila Kojouri   The age of digital business is here. Companies far and wide are using technology to transform their operations, adapt to changing customer demands, and acquire new business models. In…

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Cloud Migration: On Premise to Cloud

Cloud Migration: On Premise to Cloud   Overview   In a digital transformation era where more infrastructure and applications are moving to the cloud, enterprises are making decisions as to the best approach to cloud migration to ensure long-term success. A brief overview of the concept of cloud computing is…

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