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Why You Need a Mobility Strategy

Mobility Helps Businesses and Consumers Alike   By Leila Kojouri   Topic: Mobility as a Valuable Business Tool   Keeping up with trending technology is vital for the success of a modern business. The integration of mobility helps businesses both large and small harness complex technology to benefit their sales…

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What are Instant Apps?

Understanding Instant Apps and The Lighter Mobile Experience   Instant Apps Are the Easy Way to Try Apps and Games Without Installation.     What Are Instant Apps?    An Instant app is a lighter version of a regular android app which gives users full access to the application features without…

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4 Tips for Mobile Recruiting

4 Tips to make Mobile Recruiting an Essential Part of Your Hiring Strategy   Using mobile technology, an HR unit can engage mobile recruiting to attract, engage as well as convert candidates. Typical examples of mobile recruiting methods include mobile recruiting apps, mobile career sites, social recruiting, and recruiting by…

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10 New Features in Android Q

New Android Q Features Include Security Enhancements, 5G Support, and Smart Replies   The planned release of Android Q is making serious strides in the world of mobility. As per the International Computer Science Institute report, over 1,300 android apps scrape personal data regardless of permissions. App makers are using…

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Top 3 Enterprise Mobility Trends

Top 3 Enterprise Mobility Trends   Enterprise mobility suits a wide variety of business models, sizes, and scales. Because of this, many business owners are increasingly embracing technology trends in the realm of enterprise mobility. In embracing and incorporating the top enterprise mobility trends into business models, organizations are reaping…

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Enterprise Mobility Approach

Enterprise Mobility Approach   A lot of organizations have discovered it can be quite challenging transitioning to mobility. It happens with all new thought approach and a reconfiguration of technology, processes as well as staff. To increase their success rate, enterprise mobility should be hinged on well defined methodology that…

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions   Transformation through mobility is seen in different spheres of life.   Enterprise mobility has proven to suit a wide variety of business models, sizes, and scales. Because of this, many business owners are increasingly embracing enterprise mobility. With this decision, matching or exceeding stiff competition in…

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Mobility Transformation in 2019 – Top 3 Tech Trends

Mobility Transformation in 2019 – Top 3 Technology Trends   Technology trends that will transform mobility in 2019   In recent years, there has been a consistent need for mobility transformation. Not only has public transportation changed in recent years, but there has been new transportation developments like Uber, Lyft,…

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