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Transform your Business with Microsoft Innovation

Charter Global transforms your business and the customer experience with Microsoft solutions.   Our series of customer success stories highlights the innovation of Microsoft solutions and how Charter Global helps clients experience the business value.   Microsoft is helping enterprises create solutions to transform your business and the customer experience. Microsoft Innovation…

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Oracle – The Cloud won’t be the cause of IT layoffs

As the world’s biggest companies move more of their workload to the cloud, OracleCEO Mark Hurd told CNBC “Don’t expect mass layoffs of IT workers.”   “I don’t know if it is so much reductions,” he said on Squawk Alley. “I think it is the reapplication of that talent to different opportunities to the customer.”…

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Charter Global Sponsor for 2017 MARTA Hackathon Feb 24-25

 Watch highlights from the 2016 MARTA Hackathon.     Charter Global is proud to be a sponsor for the 2017 MARTA Hackathon featuring Smart City + IoT.     Date & Time: Friday, February 24 , 5PM through Saturday, February 25, 7PM EST   Location: The Garage at Tech Square, 848 Spring Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30308…

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LinkedIn Reveals Most Promising Jobs of 2017

2017 top jobs based on the potential for career advancement, job growth, and salary   Based on LinkedIn’s research, the top reasons people change jobs is to pursue a stronger career path, make more money or access more opportunities within their organization.   LinkedIn used its data to build this…

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Career Management and Goal Setting for 2017

Most people spend more time thinking about what to have for dinner than they do about their careers. For many people, 2016 was a year of unexpected change. As we enter 2017, it’s a good time to evaluate your career goals and direction for the coming year. And remember to…

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Top Voices in 2016 & Happy Holidays from Charter Global!

Here are the 2016 LinkedIn writers you need to start following — now. Daniel Roth, Executive Editor LinkedIn   Every day on LinkedIn, we see the professional world rising to the challenge. We now have over 3 million unique writers on the publishing platform creating 160,000 articles per week. These…

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Are You Investing in Digital Transformation or Digital Iteration?

Digital transformation is the realignment of or investment in new technology, business models, and processes to drive value for customers and employees, and more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy.   By Brian Solis, LinkedIn Influencer   All companies set out to become agile and competitive as markets evolve. The…

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Facebook for Recruiting?

Facebook has been somewhat off limits for recruiting, but imagine the possibilities.   By Nick Livingston, ERE Media   Corporate recruiting teams and staffing agencies pay big bucks to send LinkedIn InMails or uncover a candidate’s active email address. However, with Facebook’s recent announcement of getting into the recruiting business,…

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Maintaining an Effective Quality Cycle in Your Data Lake

Paul Barth, PhD, CEO and founder, Podium Data, discusses how to create a “virtuous cycle” in which the quality of a data lake continually improves the longer it is used, and how data lake management platforms make this cycle possible.   Data lakes transform enterprise decision making by putting far more data…

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