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Forecast 2016: 5 disruptors to keep on your radar

Savvy tech execs can’t afford to ignore these developments, which stand to remake the future of IT.   By Beth Stackpole   You’ve honed your list of hot technologies to focus on in 2016, but you also need to make longer-term plans and prepare for changes that are fast approaching by…

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7 Workplace and Employment Trends to Anticipate in 2016

New technology and a healthier economy are driving some of these trends.   By Susannah Snider, US News When it comes to navigating the workplace in 2016, the news is fairly positive. Employers will award slightly bigger raises, recruit more aggressively and warm up to flexible work environments, experts say.  …

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The Greatest MLK Quotes You’ve Never Heard

Take a Moment to Remember the Significance of MLK Day.   On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his iconic I Have a Dream” speech. Although the speech is King’s most frequently quoted, the civil rights legend gave many speeches on a range of topics.   In 1963,…

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Hospitality industry — 3 ways to use data-driven personalization to increase revenue

Innovative hospitality – insights to create innovative offers and personalized service   By Jennifer Goforth Gregory   The hospitality industry has begun using big data insights to create innovative offers and personalized service. Obtaining consumer data alone will not help a hotel see results; the data must be used strategically to create a personalized,…

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2015 Top Issues & Trends for the Life Sciences Industry

2015 will be an interesting year for the life sciences industries. As I see it, there are four areas that will affect this industry: 1) pursuit for innovation and growth; 2) complying with the ever changing global regulatory and risk environments; 3) protecting and building shareholder value; and 4) planning…

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Reimagining Your Business in the Cloud

Successful digital businesses are holistically applying the concepts of mobile, social, and big data to reimagine their business.   A Cloud platform creates the connections and is a once-in-a generation technology advancement being harnessed to accelerate innovation, enable new business scenarios, speeding time to market, or driving cost savings. At…

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The Changing Role of Java in the Cloud

Cloud computing describes a new supplement, consumption and delivery model for IT services based in the Internet. Java has long been the programming language that provides structure for Web-applications, and now Java development has reached cloud applications.   Cloud computing is changing the face of application development, driven by business…

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HR and Procurement, the Art of Outsourcing

There’s a battle brewing between HR and Procurement…. it’s called contingent labor!   For years, procurement departments have largely run the show with respect to temporary workers and independent contractors. Procurement, or purchasing departments, are the company personnel responsible for buying the supplies that a company needs to function and…

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Search Engine Optimization

Let’s start with a common story from a website owner before jumping right into what SEO is.  A website was created by IT professionals as per the business’s needs. The website looked great and the functionality was working well – everyone was happy with the results. Once the site was…

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