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What is Data Augmentation in Image Processing?

Why Image Data Augmentation?   State-of-the-art AI models require around 500 images per category during their training phase. If the available training dataset has fewer images, then a data augmentation technique can be used. This technique expands the small training dataset by adding additional images which are variations of available…

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Using Autoencoders for Image Classification

Using Autoencoders for Image Classification   How Autoencoders Enable AI to Classify Images   By Radhesyam Gudipudi   Machine learning tasks are usually described in terms of how the machine learning model should process given data. For example, in a classification task, given the image of an elephant as an…

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

Charter Global can help you find innovative ways with 100% PCI, PII, and other compliances. We do this by analyzing your business data and building suitable AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning) models to improve business value using your own historical data.   Myth: Why ML? We have data analysts.…

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Preparing for the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: potential for major economic growth and social progress     Experts say the real value in AI lies in increasing efficiency and accuracy in our everyday work.   It’s tempting to believe that artificial intelligence can do just about anything. If tech experts are to be believed, artificial intelligence (AI)…

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What is Artificial Intelligence? How Does AI Work?

In general we all know about intelligence, but most people don’t know what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how it can help humans. Let’s consider what is happening in the world of AI and why it is receiving increased attention recently.   What does Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean?   Artificial…

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