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Dynamic App Delivery

Dynamic App Delivery – Google Play New App Serving Model     Having issues with the current builds? Here’s something new.   Android App Bundle - Definition   The introduction of a new app publishing format took place at Google I/O 2018, known as Android App Bundle (AAB). This new…

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Instant Apps: The Lighter Mobile Experience

Instant Apps: The Lighter Mobile Experience   Instant Apps Are the Easy Way to Try Apps and Games Without Installation.     What Are Instant Apps?    An Instant app is a lighter version of a regular android app which gives users full access to the application features without having to…

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Android Studio 3.3 Launches

Google Launches Android Studio 3.3 Highlighting Navigation Editor   Google has announced a stable release of Android Studio 3.3 focusing on “refinement and quality.” This release has also brought in bug fixes and official support for Navigation Editor.   The announcement stated that, “Android Studio 3.3 addresses over 200 user-reported…

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Use Android Virtual Device Manager for Android Emulators

Xamarin Android Emulators – Best Practices   Android emulators are designed to run in many different configurations to simulate the Android OS on various devices. Each configuration is known as a virtual device. Deploying and testing an app on an emulator requires selection of a pre-configured virtual device that simulates…

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Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail   The speed at which the mobile industry is growing is consistent with the speed of apps proliferation. New apps are added to app stores almost daily, where they compete for user attention. Among other reasons, the increased competition has also increased the chances of…

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4 Essential Features of a Mobile App

4 Essential Features of a Mobile App   Mobile devices have incredibly grown for the past few years and made a huge impact in software development.   More shoppers have been using their mobile phones and tablets because of its convenience. As a result, businesses have been onboard in developing…

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Google Launches Flutter 1.0

  Google has launched its portable UI Toolkit Flutter 1.0 during its Flutter Live conference in London. Flutter 1.0 is a mobile development platform allowing its user to write apps that share a single code base across iOS and Android with a Native User Interface.     During the launch, many compared Flutter to…

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DevOps in the Spotlight

DevOps is gaining attention in the software field and has seen a tremendous increase.   Let’s understand what DevOps is and its benefits.   What is DevOps?   DevOps is a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and IT teams, in order that they can build, test, and release…

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