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Gathering Requirements

“Gathering requirements” may sound simple, but essentially, is the most important piece to any project and project management.This very first step ensures all stakeholders are on the same page and understand exactly what is, and is not expected of the project. All team members make sure that the scope of…

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Mobility Trends

Near Field Communication (NFC)   Mobile phones are at the mature phase of the product lifecycle causing manufacturers to search for new ways to squeeze out profits. One method is to add new functionality (which requires investment further squeezing profits). Another method is to provide add-on features an action that allows…

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Computer, Where is the Location of Lt. Barkley?

Life aboard the Star Trek Enterprise portrayed a futuristic mix of technologies with capabilities of connecting machine and humans alike. In each episode, invariably a crisis would ensue, requiring the Ship’s computer to locate a crew member – such as the irascible, Lt. Barkley. As we sat watching the futuristic episodes, it seemed…

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