Closed Source or Open Source Software — How to Decide on The Proper Tools


Closed Source or Open Source Software — How to Decide on The Proper Tools

The open source vs. closed source debate continues. Here are some open source and closed source software tools and options.


By Jamie Boote on AgileZone


When it comes to commercial and open source tools (i.e., paid and free software), the debate continues on which category of software is better, leaving egos, careers, and forums in ruins. I personally think that it’s impossible to definitively prove that one class of software is the best for every situation.


Proprietary software may have price tags out of reach of your firm’s security budget. And if something goes wrong, relying on proprietary support can make or break security operations.


Despite how free it is to procure open-source software or join community forums, there are costs associated with using open-source software. When bringing un-vetted software into your environment, it should be checked over and scanned.


Be aware of these concerns in the decision to select software, but don’t let the support or vetting piece sway you from a tool that is a better overall fit. If your security toolbox only contains open source or only closed source software, you may be ill-equipped for the job at hand. Let’s look at some different tools.


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