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CRM Success Requires Not To Focus On Technology But To Focus On People

CRM Success Requires Not To Focus On Technology But To Focus On People

There are countless cases of unsuccessful CRM projects. There’s more CRM initiatives that have spiraled out of control to become multimillion-dollar investments that negatively affected large numbers of customer-facing employees and didn’t deliver any real results.  The cost of poor CRM adoption is two-way: underutilized investment and unmet business objectives. Thoughtful selection and well-executed implementation are critical to ensuring that your CRM system meets your organization’s specific needs. Make sure you receive necessary features and support by staying on top of the process.

A recent survey depicts that to understand the risks and pitfalls that CRM professions need to navigate to achieve a successful CRM technology project. We surveyed 414 individuals who had been involved in a CRM technology project as a business professional in sales, marketing, customer service, or technology management within the past 36 months. Not surprisingly, it has been seen that successful CRM technology projects are not only about choosing the right software. They demand a balanced, multifaceted approach that addresses four critical fundamentals

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Original content by Ravi Kumar