How to Create Customizable Magnolia CMS

How to Create Customizable Magnolia CMS

Building a customizable website is a marketing strategy for businesses who wish to run successful email campaigns. One great email marketing strategy is sending campaign emails containing website landing page links to registered users. User clicks on the link provided in the email and it leads to a page designed specifically and uniquely for him! The idea is to give each visitor/user a personalized content with different page styles. The system is built by the developer, enabling the marketing team to create, edit and publish landing pages on the fly.


One easy way of accomplishing this is through the use of a Content Management System written in java, such as Magnolia CMS.  This task can be accomplished in two segments: page design capabilities and rendering user specific landing page.


Page Design:


Magnolia CMS is built using Vaadin framework that allows the admin to create a page using already developed multiple components in the magnolia CMS. This can be achieved by building multiple small tiny components that enables users to design the pages as they desire. The following steps are required in designing the components:


  1. Divide the page into a number of grid blocks, say, 12 grid blocks. Develop 12 components for each grid. This makes it easy for users to divide the page into multiple sections.
  2. Develop multiple reusable components like text component, image component, accordion component, header component, footer component, input field components and etc.
  3. Develop the select color, size and other basic properties for each component, so marketers can manipulate it at will.
  4. For every component, add a field for the team to add inline style for the component to style the content
  5. A video component is also essential, allowing client to add or embed videos to promote his products.
  6. Develop a token component to display the dynamic content such as user details, so the marketer can add any content to it to replace the place holders. These place holders will be replaced with the dynamic content from services
  7. Develop a number of themes as default style themes which can be applied to any page to change its style to a particular theme in seconds
  8. Develop multiple page templates with the components earlier developed so that user can modify them quickly or clone them to create new pages.


The above steps are sure to produce a page designs capability that enables the user to make adjustments on the go. The next challenge is displaying the landing pages that are specific to user.


Dynamic Landing Page


Magnolia provides a personalization module which enables personalization of dynamic landing pages. It is available in the Enterprise bundle of Magnolia. But in situations where the client does not want the personalization at website level but from CRM system, and where client would not purchase the Enterprise bundle, the feature can be developed using the following steps:


  1. When a user is registered with the client, client CRM generates a unique 16 characters alpha numeric identifier.
  2. Client’s marketing team sends this identifier as a request token with the landing page link in the email campaigns.
  3. Based on the details provided by the user while registration, the CRM tool will pick up the appropriate landing page name and associate it with the token.
  4. Using Magnolia Spring blossom module, redirect to the landing page that is associated to the request token by integrating it with CRM services.
  5. Client will be able to use the developed token component to display the user details in user-preferred format.
  6. If the client’s landing page is not found in the system, he will be redirected to a generic landing page. Though generic, it is still going to display dynamic pages specific to the user.


Done! Using the above simple steps, the client will be able to change the pages without any developer support and can push the changes directly to production without even a new production release.


Expected Results


The above solution enables marketing teams to design multiple page layouts with the content they want to add, and edit them according to user interests. The system allows the team to change and publish content in the web pages on the fly without needing any developer support as well. The Magnolia application is able to deliver the different landing/home page with user specific contents on it.


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