Digital Innovation is Kind of a Big Deal

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Digital Innovation is Kind of a Big Deal

Two forms of innovation that are not common are needed now more than ever — Everyday Innovation and Transformational Innovation.


As the first professional futurist to accurately identify the Exponential Change curve in ’83, I can tell you it was much harder to get people excited about all of the transformational changes that would happen, because the time frame was so far off. Let’s face it: it took 20 years to go from a five-megahertz chip to a 500-megahertz chip, and while I knew it would happen, I still had to wait like everyone else. However, thanks to the power of doubling, it only took less than a year to double that — and that was years ago, now.


The point is that today, we are in what one could easily call the Big Deal phase, because the Digital Accelerators have reached a point of exponential change that is creating dramatic change in very short periods of time.


Why did Netflix start out by renting DVDs of programs instead of starting with a streaming video model from the beginning? The Three Digital Accelerators were not ready yet.


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