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Hadoop: Powering The Next Generation Of Analytics

Hadoop: Powering The Next Generation Of Analytics

Much like the numerous emerging enterprise technologies surfacing ever year, the hype over Apache Hadoop will soon be over. Hadoop, the framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers, using simple programming models, needs to recede into the background so as to deliver on its promise of being the enterprise data hub of choice and the relational database management system that powers most of the online world today. It cannot be exclusive and remain a specialized skillset, but, in fact, needs to take a revolutionary approach to operate and be the preferred platform that powers the next generation of analytics. In other words, Hadoop must overcome the hype and evolve.

That is not to say that Hadoop has not made tremendous progress over the years. From a monolithic storage and batch architecture, it has transformed significantly into a modern, modular data platform.

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Original content by Daniel NG