Hospitality industry — 3 ways to use data-driven personalization to increase revenue

Innovative hospitality – insights to create innovative offers and personalized service


By Jennifer Goforth Gregory


The hospitality industry has begun using big data insights to create innovative offers and personalized service. Obtaining consumer data alone will not help a hotel see results; the data must be used strategically to create a personalized, innovative hospitality experience. Personalization is a strategy that’s evolving beyond a short-term trend and into an established marketing approach, according to Gartner.


While many hotels use data, only a handful maximize its potential. According to a 2015 Hospitality Technology Magazinestudy, 31 percent of operators said their hotel had a moderately mature big data strategy and 9 percent of the hotels said their big data usage was at a high maturity level. In 2014, no hotels surveyed said that they used big data at a high maturity level.


Here are the top three ways that hotels can use data.



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