How to predict flight delays – IBM Big Data Hub


How to predict flight delays – IBM Big Data Hub

Flight delay? You can build an app for predicting delays.


by David Taieb
Architect, IBM Cloud Data Services, IBM

If you’ve ever found yourself stranded at an airport, either on a tarmac or in a terminal, you’re not alone. Delays cost airline passengers about 115 million minutes of travel time annually.


What if a way was available for travelers to use data in a flight predictor application to predict whether or not their scheduled flight will be delayed because of weather? In the past, building a flight predictor application that validates this hypothesis would be considered a rather enormous project that involves time, infrastructure and the right skill set—all of which can be quite costly.


Whether you are a data scientist or a data engineer, you can apply these patterns to your use cases. Moreover, you won’t have to start from scratch because the source code for this application is available on the GitHub website. Just fork the project, and start experimenting right away. And be sure to register for Strata + Hadoop World.


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