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June 30 – Happy Social Media Day!

June 30 – Happy Social Media Day!

Social Media Day

Every day is Social Media Day.

June 30 is acknowledged globally as Social Media Day. Social media has become an accepted platform for us to share personal moments and mark milestones. It makes us the news and the reporter at the same time. We judge, advise, and express views on events that may occur on the other side of the world or up the street.

Social media has also had an impact on the way we do business. From engaging audiences to connecting with partners, social media has transformed the way we view and interact with each other. Every day is a social media day. It’s now hard to imagine living in a world that is isolated socially and technologically.

In 2010, Mashable launched a global awareness program, celebrating the impact of social media on industries, global communication and ecommerce. In its seventh year, Social Media Day recognizes how it has united us through a common social platform.  Reactions and opinions on political events like Egypt’s Arab Spring, the death of Nelson Mandela, or the recent Brexit incident are shared instantly and globally through posts, likes, tweets, and hash tags.

That’s the power and the beauty of social media. It empowers the individual to communicate and gain awareness in a way that has never before been possible. Locate lost friends and family, share thoughts and images of a new grand child, send condolences and sympathy to someone in need.

Social media also levels the playing field, and there are numerous windows of opportunity. This explains why we have so many technology innovators and disruptors cropping up. The ability to communicate your message more rapidly and broadly, makes launching new businesses easier. But make that message meaningful and make it count. It is not about survival anymore. It is about building social media as the backbone of your business.

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