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Windows Core OS to Include Open Source

Windows Core OS to Include Open Source


Windows Core OS to Include Open Source Components as Hinted by a Microsoft Employee


Historically, Microsoft has always been seen as a company that is opposed to open source. Times have changed; Microsoft is now one of the biggest contributors in GitHub, which they recently acquired.

It seems that Microsoft will take another step towards open source adoption.  The software giant will use open source components in their upcoming Windows Core Operating System. Windows Core OS is a Microsoft project intended to unify Windows across devices. It is expected to run on Hololens 2, Surface Phone, and a foldable device is being tested on as well.


Social Media Hints


According to the LinkedIn profile of Corey Steward, a security Program Manager II at Microsoft:

Microsoft OSG Information Security Team, Windows Core

– Confidential Program requiring Machine Learning/Data Science knowledge and Program Management skillset to ensure the Security of Windows Core OS from malicious actors and code. Improved the security posture of Windows Open Source Components through initiatives that investigate vulnerabilities found and establish a process for remediation. Improved the overall Program Management skill set, communication, and collaboration throughout the WDG IS organization.”


The profile was first noticed by WalkingCat, who posted this:


open source



Another employee of Microsoft, Justin Jennings, has also shared some details about Win32 compatibility.



open source


Details are still unclear for now, but it does look like Microsoft is gearing to adopt open-source on its flagship product. Microsoft hasn’t officially commented or confirmed any of the reports.


Open Source Under Nadella


Ever since Satya Nadella began heading Microsoft, the company is devoting more time to open source development. Moreover, users can now run Linux on top of Windows 10 with the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which brings the two platforms closer.


Hopefully, one day Microsoft will make Windows open source, but will be unlikely. However, more and more parts of the Operating System have gone to open source, including Microsoft Edge, which will be revamped to use Chromium engine.


Some also claim that Windows Core OS will be unveiled during the Microsoft Build 2019 Conference, which will happen between May 6 and 8 in Seattle.


Other Microsoft open source projects can be found here.


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