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Microsoft-Xamarin Deal to Fuel Windows App Development

Microsoft-Xamarin Deal to Fuel Windows App Development

By Ramin Edmond

Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin Inc. gives enterprise developers a reason to build apps for all current Windows operating systems, which isn’t usually at the top of their lists.

Microsoft will integrate Xamarin, a San Francisco-based app development startup, with its Visual Studio development toolkit. Xamarin’s multi-platform tools are Microsoft’s ticket to enticing more third-party developers to build Windows apps, which have been sorely lacking, compared with the number of Apple iOS and Google Android apps, said Wes Miller, research analyst at Directions on Microsoft in Kirkland, Wash.

Typically, when developers build applications, they have to write code for each mobile operating system (OS) they want to support, which usually starts with iOS or Android, Miller said. But with Xamarin, developers who use the C# programming language can build an app for one OS, and then port it to other OSes.

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