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Mobile World Congress: What does 2016 Bring for Mobile?

Mobile World Congress: What does 2016 Bring for Mobile?

 By Venessa Hunt

Mobile World Congress is the biggest mobile trade show in the world. Held in Barcelona, Spain, with over 100,000 attendees and 2,500 exhibitors, it’s like Christmas for the mobile industry.

This year’s congress had a lot of buzz, with three obvious overarching themes.

Over the years, our industry has come up against the question of which “devices” fall under the mantle of “mobile”. For example, were tablets included when we talked mobile? As the industry matured, the question shifted to wearables and as most wearables were powered by the mobile device in some form, we threw them into the mobile bucket too.

After walking down the halls of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it’s pretty obvious that the definition of mobile is broadening even further. From connected cars (Ford, Mercedes) to virtual reality roller coasters (Samsung), and wearables for animals (Fujitsu), it’s clear now that to really understand mobile, you need to focus on the bigger picture of what the technology, data, and capabilities can provide – not just the device itself.
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