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Part 2: Apply Mobility Analytics to Power Your Decision Support System (DSS)

Part 2: Apply Mobility Analytics to Power Your Decision Support System (DSS)

Part 2 of Big Data Analytics Series – Mobility analytics add value to your DSS

The immense amount of data, not just in volume but also in variety, puts immense strain on organizations and their ability to make decisions. Implementing a Decision Support System (DSS) can provide a simple method to effectively extract productive insights from dynamic data environments.

Complex decision making involves evaluating past experiences, present risks, and future trends. While business challenges can escalate quickly, DSS provides a buffer to monitor high-risk and untested technologies and projects.

DSS is a bundled package of digital information that aids business managers in making a decision based on virtual interaction. This is where mobility and cloud-based communication come into the picture. With mobility analytics, DSS has additional value from access to real-time data, interactive components and reporting capabilities with simplified web-based deployments.

Improve decision making through mobility – Access the right data at the right time.

The true worth of data is realized when organizations can extract the right data when they need it to make decisions at a faster pace, making their business more flexible and scalable. By adding mobility analytics to the DSS equation, businesses can improve their scalability substantially.

By placing mobility on top of DSS, you get a data-driven business platform, influencing the power of business intelligence in the ever-expanding competitive environment.

Building a DSS can provide the following benefits:

  • Harness historical data to project future decision points
  • Create a fully integrated BI model which makes data mining more productive
  • Establish the culture of analytics in the organization with an extensive OLAP library
  • Connect, integrate and collaborate your data from any source
  • Make swift decisions with clean and clear data in a digital transformation format
  • Transform from a reactive decision-making organization into a proactive one
  • Use a centrally moderated dashboard to share and distribute data analytics

A recap

If you plan to transform your decision making capabilities, get mobility in the picture and enjoy enhanced productivity with the advantage of unlimited access to information within and beyond the boundaries of your organization.


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