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Samsung Rolls Out Its Ad-Blocking Android Browser

Samsung Rolls Out Its Ad-Blocking Android Browser

The “Internet” app finally has anonymous browsing, too.

Owners of certain Samsung devices now have a new browser option: Samsung’s very own “Internet” app. Wait, don’t go! You may have given up on the app long ago, but version 4.0 has some pretty interesting features. All versions of Android on Samsung devices (not just Marshmallow) now get content blocking (aka ad-blocking), provided you have a dedicated third-party app installed. The other notable feature is “Secret” mode, which is like Chrome’s Incognito or Firefox’s private browsing settings. However, Samsung has added authentication and encryption to more fully protect your internet browsing history.

Samsung got off to a rocky start with ad-blocking for its Android browser. It initially launched it for devices on Marshmallow (Android 6.0), but Google quickly pulled the required partner app, Adblocker Plus. The search giant subsequently changed its mind, meaning there’s now a variety of ad-blockers you can use with Samsung’s browser.

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Original content by Steve Dent