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About the Client

RentPath, LLC is a leading digital marketing solutions  company that empowers millions nationwide to find apartments and houses for rent. Through powerful online and mobile solutions, RentPath’s brands empower prospective renters with information and tools to find their ideal property.

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The Challenge

With a large network of sites, RentPath wanted to add a new feature allowing renters to pay rent online. The challenge involved bringing landlords and renters onto a single platform, handling payment information issuing reports to both landlords and renters, and generating payment notifications. Additionally, a payment provider capable of meeting these challenges needed to be identified and selected.

The Results

Additional pages were added to the website allowing landlords to list rent-collectible properties, provide notifications to renters, and a function to generate and view reports associated with billing. Third party access management service Okta was used for managing authentications concerning sign-ups and sign-ins for renters. A scheduling system was also implemented so as to allow renters to enable recurring bill payments.

The Solution

Immediately after implementation, individuals sought after the benefits the RentPay feature provides. Landlords began listing their properties to collect rent online, and a surplus of renters began registering with to pay their bill online. The amount of end-users continues to rise each month, as the popularity of this new feature increases among consumers.