Microsoft office 365 migration service

Success Story - Personal Technology Company

About the Company

The client is a global Fortune 500 company with more than 55,000 employees in over 160 countries. They provide innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technology, including PCs , workstations, servers, storage, smart TVs, and mobile products, including smartphones, tablets, and apps.

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The Challenge

The client needed tools that would automate manual processes, strengthen collaboration, and shorten development timelines. The organization was using IBM Lotus® Notes DB. The company recognized the benefits of creating applications to automate workflow, but its IT resources could not keep up with demand. They decided to migrate to SharePoint 2013, which would provide a collaborative environment. The company also planned to integrate Microsoft Office 365 into its toolbox for greater collaboration and integration with SharePoint.

The Solution

The company-wide use of Lotus Notes templates made it necessary to engage resources with specialized expertise in Lotus Notes templates and the ability to successfully migrate 400 applications to SharePoint 2013. Charter Global assembled a team of IT professionals who developed a strategy to implement a portal solution in SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions to help automate the company’s manual processes. The team also designed workflows for complex processes, as well as custom web parts, a survey calendar, and business intelligence reports in the SharePoint environment. Microsoft Office 365 was implemented on the Azure cloud computing platform, and corporate branding was applied to multiple sites.


The client successfully migrated from Lotus Notes DB to SharePoint 2013. The improved technology strengthened collaboration among the company’s workforce and functional areas, which was critical to the company’s ability to innovate and compete globally. The automation of manual processes and the consolidation of resourcing resulted in a savings of more than 1,000 labor hours annually. With a more consistent user experience in SharePoint, users gained confidence in the technology over a relatively short period of time.