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Preparing for the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

It’s tempting to believe that artificial intelligence can do just about anything. If tech experts are to be believed, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the world. Tech entrepreneur, Elon Musk, says this would be a threat to humanity and life as we know it. Even though thinking among AI…

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Future AI

Amazon Launches AWS App Mesh

  Amazon has released the AWS App Mesh, a service Mesh that is here to help make it easy to monitor and control microservices running on AWS. It simplifies and standardizes management of microservices communication traffic and gives end-to-end visibility of your application. App Mesh can currently export logs, metrics, and traces;…

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Charter Global Attends Women Leadership Summit hosted by the NBMBAA (National Black MBA Association)

Representatives from Charter Global went to the Women Leadership Summit, hosted by the NBMBAA (National Black MBA Association) at Twelve Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA. Among their speakers included Mary Stokes, a Bank of America regional executive, Diane Fanelli, President of Digital Enterprise Platforms at SAP, Wonya Lucas, President and…

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NBMBAA (National Black MBA Association)