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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions   Transformation through mobility is seen in different spheres of life.   Enterprise mobility has proven to suit a wide variety of business models, sizes, and scales. Because of this, many business owners are increasingly embracing enterprise mobility. With this decision, matching or exceeding stiff competition in…

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Five Features of a Great Microservice Design

Five Features of a Great Microservice Design   Advice on the fundamentals of a well-designed microservice from experienced CTOs.   For teams new to microservices, there is always a challenge of understanding what exactly makes up a properly-designed microservice. Quite often, they fall into the quagmire of making their microservices…

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Dynamic App Delivery

Dynamic App Delivery – Google Play New App Serving Model     Having issues with the current builds? Here’s something new.   Android App Bundle - Definition   The introduction of a new app publishing format took place at Google I/O 2018, known as Android App Bundle (AAB). This new…

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Android Studio 3.3 Launches

Google Launches Android Studio 3.3 Highlighting Navigation Editor   Google has announced a stable release of Android Studio 3.3 focusing on “refinement and quality.” This release has also brought in bug fixes and official support for Navigation Editor.   The announcement stated that, “Android Studio 3.3 addresses over 200 user-reported…

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Mobility Transformation in 2019 – Top 3 Tech Trends

Mobility Transformation in 2019 – Top 3 Technology Trends   Technology trends that will transform mobility in 2019   In recent years, there has been a consistent need for mobility transformation. Not only has public transportation changed in recent years, but there has been new transportation developments like Uber, Lyft,…

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Migrate from Sitecore to Magnolia CMS

Migrate from Sitecore to Magnolia CMS   A migration from Sitecore to Magnolia may provide an easier, more accessible and less expensive CMS.     Sitecore is perhaps the most sophisticated .NET CMS in the world. It works for managing, testing, optimizing, personalizing, and automating content. So, large or content-centric…

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Deploying App Features with CI/CD

How to Deploy Application Features into Production using CI/CD   Continuous integration is a practice in software development that involves continuous testing of the underlying code of an application and its upgrades as they come. Overall, the goal of CI is to ensure speed in the release process as the…

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Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail   The speed at which the mobile industry is growing is consistent with the speed of apps proliferation. New apps are added to app stores almost daily, where they compete for user attention. Among other reasons, the increased competition has also increased the chances of…

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Software Development and Testing Teams Need To Embrace These 3 Areas

Top 3 Areas Software Development and Testing Teams Need To Embrace In 2019   Technological Trends   Technological trends have always influenced how industries, business enterprises, and investment parties carry out their operations and decision-making. New technologies have been constantly disrupting the tech-world and industries for the last few years.…

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