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“Microservice Applications”

Last month, we talked about the increasing popularity of adopting microservices in application development. Microservices architecture involves breaking down a software application into it's smaller components, rather than just having one large software application. Typically, this involves dividing a software application into smaller, distinct business capabilities. These can then communicate with each other…

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Microservice Applications

A Full Approach to Migrating to “Microservices Architecture”

Today, the marketplace is an increasingly demanding always-on service. There is a need for enterprises to modify their technological approach by incorporating highly flexible and scalable architectures with quick and efficient adaptation to the modern market. These market influences have led to the rise in the demand for microservices architecture…

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Microservices Architecture

Top Microservices Trends in 2019

Microservices refer to software development methodology as a type of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) style that accomplishes application structuring. From the performance of microservices in 2018 and the years before, experts have identified some trends that will characterize microservices in 2019.   #1: Test Automation   Conventionally, individuals structured test…

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