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Continuous Delivery

Adopting a Continuous Development solution automates the entire deployment pipeline.

Increasing speed to market gives your company a significant competitive edge.

CD case study

“Our Continuous Delivery project had a significant impact on how we conduct our business. Charter Global was able to take our delivery system to the next level so we can respond more quickly to consumer needs.”

– Tippu Gagguturu, CIO of Allconnect

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Why Continuous Development?

  • Automating pipeline deployment reduces cycle times and provides more rapid feedback.
  • Delivering software releases more quickly helps the company stay ahead of the competition.
  • Engaging experienced resources expedites production of new features.
  • The Charter Global CD toolset helps to establish a services oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Continuous Integration automates integration and testing in the development environment.
  • The DevOps team receives user feedback more quickly.
  • More frequent releases decrease code changes, making identifying and fixing issues easier.
  • Having a CD pipeline makes the release process more reliable, reducing risk and stress.

Charter Global CD Toolset

  • JIRA for full SDLC management of releases
  • Ansible for all infrastructure configuration management
  • Jenkins for automated builds and deployments
  • Homogeneous deployment procedures per environment
  • Easily supports rapid micro releases, plus single click rollbacks
  • Significant investment in information security