The Age of Big Data


The Age of Big Data

To say data is everywhere is an understatement. Data streams from nearly everything around us: phones, laptops, credit cards, factories, cars, and even down to the very infrastructure of cities. There is a staggering amount of data we’re producing, and with new capabilities of capturing it, customers need new techniques to save it, manipulate it, and analyze the different types and sizes of unstructured data. The existence and availability of all this data allows us to ask more questions, solve more problems, become more competitive, and become more effective in everything we do. Essentially, Big Data changes the game by allowing us to know our customer’s needs before they even know it themselves. We have undoubtedly entered the age of Big Data, and as with any new advance, customers can encounter some big hurdles as well.


CGI has access to the depth of scarce resources in this discipline that customers will not find anywhere else, and every day more and more companies are realizing the impact of ‘listening’ to their data. We have deployed more Big Data resources in the last year alone than most companies will ever imagine… and it’s only just beginning. Check out a recent article by Forbes magazine discussing why no one should underestimate the importance of Big Data.


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