Top Voices in 2016 & Happy Holidays from Charter Global!


Top Voices in 2016 & Happy Holidays from Charter Global!

Here are the 2016 LinkedIn writers you need to start following — now.

Daniel Roth, Executive Editor LinkedIn


Every day on LinkedIn, we see the professional world rising to the challenge. We now have over 3 million unique writers on the publishing platform creating 160,000 articles per week. These are professionals from around the world analyzing what they’re hearing in meetings and experiencing as they navigate their busy days, and trying to stay ahead of what’s coming next. Most of their articles, at first, only get seen and shared among colleagues or peers. But over time these professionals start developing a following. We’re releasing LinkedIn’s Second Annual Top Voices List, a look at the professionals whose words have launched countless high-quality conversations on LinkedIn in 2016. Read more on LinkedIn.


Charter Global holidays schedule — Charter Global offices are closed Monday, December 26, and Monday, January 2. We wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to working with you in 2017.


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