Upgrading the Digital Landscape for Renters

Upgrading the Digital Landscape for Renters

Upgrading the Digital Landscape for Renters


Modernizing and Optimizing Open Source Architecture


By Leila Kojouri


Remember the days of reading through classified ads in the newspaper to find a rental property? Now, it seems the process of paging through newspaper ads are obsolete. The developers at Charter Global helped a national online property rental network unleash an optimized platform for rentals which saw great momentum immediately after the release.


Improved Search Features

In under 6 months, Charter Global helped Rentals.com update their framework to a single page application with a wealth of new features incorporated into a new design. These features included  new display properties with the integration of Google Maps. Filter and sort capabilities were enhanced as well, enabling users to search for properties based on fine-tuned search results. Moving forward, these results can be refined based on popular search filters like school district, radius, and/or total square property footage.


Enhanced User Experience

As a result of the improvements to the overall design and website architecture, statistics concerning user engagement showed immediate promise. For example, with a better framework, the bounce rate decreased significantly, seeing a 33% decrease as users felt more comfortable staying on the site longer. The overall user engagement time saw a 25% increase, as the new features and enhancements empowers users with a more sophisticated, intuitive search engine. The overall page views increased by 46% as a result of all of these factors combined.


Convenient Online Bill Payments

By adding a whole new RentPay feature, online renters and property managers are now equipped with the ability to manage their rental bills online. This has proved to be a huge asset for both consumers and landlords who often face a burdensome paper trail associated with the process of sending paper checks through the mail or leasing office drop-box. Now, managing payments electronically is as easy as a few clicks, or swipes, away.

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