America’s Largest Convenience Store Enterprise and Loyalty Data

America’s Largest Convenience Store Enterprise and Loyalty Data

About the Client

The client is an international retail convenience store chain with its headquarters situated in Irving, Texas, USA. Within the United States, the client offers a range of products, including the popular slurpee and other beverages. Additionally, they provide various items such as private-brand products, fresh-made daily sandwiches, coffee, salads, bakery items, hot and prepared foods, dairy products, carbonated beverages and energy drinks, juices, donuts, as well as offering gasoline, tobacco, financial services, and product delivery services.

Looking to adapt to the digital era, the client aspired to establish its technology team and launch innovative initiatives. These initiatives encompass loyalty programs, customer relationship management (CRM), data monetization, and data governance, all tailored to cater to diverse business requirements

In the process of creating an in-house solution, this organization underwent a transition from one loyalty provider to a different company. This undertaking encompassed several tasks, including the reverse data migration, ingestion of new data, and the transformation of reports and analytics

The loyalty engine migration cut-off was executed seamlessly, creating minimal disruptions. The data team played a crucial role in this process, serving as a bridge between all teams and possessing extensive expertise in both the legacy and new systems. This collaboration resulted in substantial cost savings for the organization, courtesy of the in-house solution development team.

The client enlisted the expertise of Charter Global to access their specialized Azure Cloud consultants. Charter Global’s team took charge of designing and developing data pipelines, orchestrating a smooth transition from one loyalty engine service provider to another. They skillfully crafted data solutions to bolster store support and franchise leadership, while also providing tailored data solutions for the executive team. The technology stack employed in this process includes Azure for compute, network, storage, and database requirements, Databricks for creating data engineering and ML pipelines, Pinot for handling golden layer data, and Power BI for comprehensive reporting needs, among other essential tools