Digital Strategy and Transformation

Develop a winning strategy for your business.

Optimize your Digital Processes

A step towards creating digital strategies that last the test of time and transform your business.

An effective digital transformation strategy improves productivity, lowers operational costs, and increases revenue. Charter Global has helped mid-size and enterprise companies integrate digital innovation into their daily operations and long-term strategies for over 25 years.

Our expert teams can assist with project management, quality assurance testing, application management, and IT support. We support clients with Pega BPM, SAP BTP, AWS, and Microsoft implementations.

How We Help

Helping you embrace digital transformation with the right tools and expertise.

Reduce Costs

Charter Global deploys low-code platforms and automation capabilities for reducing manual effort, optimizing staff, and eliminating costly errors. Platform analytics and reporting solutions optimize daily operations to cut down on waste and eliminate bottlenecks by giving you insights into your business performance from the first day of use.

Enable Scalability

A modular, design-native architecture eliminates the need for frequent infrastructure tuning, allowing you to detect, configure, and control without code. This architecture scales individual components as required, optimizing application performance as your business needs evolve.

Be Agile

Digital transformation can bring about fundamental changes that are risky to execute. While the reward is high, changes of such magnitude increase uncertainty and confusion. Our expert agile approach can assist clients in managing and mitigating risks and limiting exposure, all while maintaining the collaborative approach that is necessary for long-term success.

Automation or Integration?

Low-code platform automation enables quick, flexible system connectivity without the need for lengthy integration efforts. This capability is an excellent way to deliver business benefits in a short period of time when an IT environment is in flux.

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Engage, Train and Retain

Are you unable to fill your open positions? Is this negatively impacting business and causing you to fall behind on project schedules? Are you hesitant to sign a long-term contract with a service vendor? Charter Global can rapidly provide the skilled resources you need to get the project started while simultaneously providing custom training sessions to your team to help them grow the skill profile they need to support your projects.

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Empower Citizen Analysts

Citizen analysts are a new class of business users. According to Dataversity, Citizen analysts are neither data scientists, professional analysts, nor IT staff. Citizen analysts are business and knowledge workers who hold varied positions within a business organization and use data from multiple systems for decision support within their roles or responsibilities. Charter Global empowers your business and knowledge workers with low-code tools to combine data from multiple systems into cogent dashboards to accelerate decision-making.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Throughout your engagement with us, Charter Global will go above and beyond to ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Our team offers continuous support and maintenance while assisting you with performance tuning, scalability, and more.

Services We Offer

Charter Global's digital strategy and transformation services extend to the following.

Ideation to Launch

We are a crucible for innovation, transforming bright ideas into market leading solutions.

IT Program and Project Management

We develop a strategy and an implementation plan based on your business goals to drive growth and scalability.

IT Managed Services

We provide flexible, cost-effective and reliable managed services that deliver transformational and innovative solutions for our clients.

IT Assessment

We assess your current systems and business requirements in order to recommend the best technologies.

Digital Business Process Optimization - DPO/BPO

We optimize processes digitally to enhance efficiency and customer experiences.

QA Testing and Automation

Achieve faster time-to-market and maximize ROI with our experienced teams.

Professional Services

Rely on our experienced team to deploy processes and technology that fits your operational needs.

Information is your most valuable Asset

Charter Global transforms your Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing Systems (DWH) into powerful business tools. Identify critical information that can have an impact on decision making and evaluate historical analysis to predict business trends.

AI, Analytics & Automation

Why Charter Global?

We’ve got the experience, the experts, and the knowledge. We offer:

  • Continued Support:We’re not one-time service providers. When we work with clients, we make it a mission to help them achieve their objectives through our assistance.
  • Technical Support:Our experts provide the technical support you need to keep your systems up and running at all times.
  • Training:We realize that implementing solutions is not enough. We help you prepare your team to adopt new technologies and processes without a glitch.
  • Ongoing Maintenance:Even the best digital transformation solutions and strategies need continued maintenance. We are here to provide best in class maintenance services.
  • Success Stories:We urge you to go through our success stories <>. With clients like HP, Dell, MasterCard, IBM, and CitiBank, we have the expertise to tackle your project.

Success Stories

Industries We Serve

By partnering with Charter Global, companies can accelerate their digital transformation and be set up for success. With a diverse client portfolio, we offer services in multiple industries. Charter Global is committed to making your digital transformation journey as easy as possible. We look forward to connecting with you!


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