Streamlining infrastructure ordering for an enterprise fintech solutions company

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About the Client

A major enterprise fintech solutions company approached Charter Global with a problem of needing a new, feature-rich tool to replace their current Cloud Ordering Portal. The existing portal provided a basic user interface and lacked integration with various key component systems of our client. Our client needed a solution that would provide an Enterprise-level Cloud Ordering platform experience to its customers.

The primary challenge faced by Charter Global was to build a user-friendly, feature-rich Cloud Ordering Portal that would support various users of the system - Architects, Enterprise Architects, and Build teams. The front-end application needed to provide an easy-to-use Cloud Ordering experience that allowed users to view available service catalog items, add the required items to Project infrastructure estimates, view the shopping cart, bill of materials, update estimates, & submit/checkout project estimates. The backend had to provide validations of the client Data Centers’ capabilities to serve project estimates, submit the estimates to the backend Deployment team for build/deployment of infrastructure requests, and provide key integrations with ServiceNow, among others. The portal also had to include backend Data management operations with Audit trails in place of manual updates to data.

Charter Global's Cloud Ordering Portal provided the much-needed digital workflows for client Architects, reducing the turnaround time of Order Capture to build/fulfillment of the cloud infrastructure. The portal also provided useful reports of how the client Data Centers were utilized, their capacity metrics, helping executives make important business decisions. With Backend Data Management tools, the Enterprise Architects could manage service catalog items, pricing, and availability of catalog items more efficiently compared to the previous manual process.

Charter Global collaborated with the client to build the Cloud Ordering Portal. The team designed a user-friendly front-end application that streamlined the infrastructure ordering process. The portal's backend provided important validations of client Data Centers' capabilities to serve project estimates, submitted the estimates to the backend Deployment team for build/deployment of infrastructure requests, and provided key integrations with ServiceNow. The portal also included backend data management operations with audit trails in place of manual updates to data.