Optimizing Mobile App Engagement: Increase Online Customer Subscription

About the Client

In collaborating with a prominent healthcare enterprise, we have built a smartphone application based app. This innovative platform serves as a lifeline, empowering families to stay connected with their loved ones during their stay in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, or memory care centers. Our mission aligns perfectly with our client’s vision: to streamline and democratize connectivity in today’s digital landscape through the fusion of Internet of Things and mobile technology. Together, we’re not just enhancing devices; we’re forging deeper connections and making the world more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The client required a feature-rich application capable of handling thousands of uploaded and shared videos over the internet, there was a need for it to operate in a cloud environment and be swiftly developed. The existing application faced the following challenges:
  • Feature enhancements were difficult to implement due to legacy methodology.
  • Frequent (OS) operating system device crashes occurred because of outdated application libraries.
  • Application performance was very slow due to architecture code quality.
  • The server-side architecture needed to be enhanced.
  • TV functionality needed upgrading to support patient privacy policies.

As a result of these enhancements, the client was able to increase its subscription base by 50% within six months of deployment to the production environment.

The Charter Global team upgraded the client’s application libraries to the latest versions and migrated all of their Android and iOS code to support the Android X components. Refactored the TV application codebase to support the updated privacy policy terms. Charter Global’s team identified the root causes of the system crashes and low performance. They designed and implemented solutions that improved the code quality and the performance of the entire application by 100%.