IT Staff Augmentation

About the Client

The client develops customer loyalty, rewards, marketing, and customer retention programs for leading retail and hospitality industries.

Without a major overhaul of their systems, the client could not implement industry-leading technology and practices in order to stay competitive. The client lacked the necessary expertise and staffing resources to complete the task.

Charter Global provided staff augmentation and technology expertise to help the client meet its project goals. A team of experienced .Net, Java, and SQL server developers, and an IT administrator addressed the client’s complex, multifaceted challenges. Custom migration scripts and product features were developed, as well as unique wrapper applications that would translate the client’s outdated business models to more current models without requiring code changes. Charter Global migrated the old version of the product to the updated version, allowing direct customer access, with no downtime to the client’s systems.

The updated technology and products were created on time with little to no downtime, allowing the client to improve operational efficiency, connect more effectively with its customers, and ensure an optimal customer experience.