Microservices Solution


About the Client

The client provides company fleets with location-based services and advanced safety features which improve a vehicle’s performance through a smarter driving experience. The client’s technology enables clients to connect their vehicles to multiple networks, providing navigation, communications, and security.

As the ability to connect multiple devices grows, so does the volume of support requests, which can number in the millions daily. The growing demand for secure, connected car capabilities required the client to develop and update its telematics applications regularly and rapidly to improve the customer experience. Development in a monolithic structure can be slow. Continuous deployment is difficult, and scaling the application can be difficult and costly.

The client engaged Charter Global to provide solutions that would enable it to deploy updates and new applications more rapidly and frequently. Charter Global recommended the client convert its monolithic applications to a microservices design which uses open source products for cost efficiency. This would also allow developers to identify and diagnose issues quickly, and it would provide the ability to leverage cloud architecture to control costs. This structure would provide flexible analytics and application performance, and it eliminates any long-term commitment to a technology stack, making it easier to adopt new technology.

After implementing the microservices framework developed by Charter Global, the client accelerated its deployment schedule. Its telematics development team was able to rewrite 100 services in six weeks. Charter Global also played a major role in setting up the CI/CD process for microservices, which helps to deploy any service with the click of a button. This reduces issues and complaints, and the client can focus on providing the best experience for its customers.