Open Source Architecture

About the Client

This leading global provider of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) for enterprise-level organizations provides acquisition, provision, delivery, and support to IT, as well as process management systems running on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

The client had two complex web application development projects running simultaneously – one for a major theater company and the other for a large airline carrier. The projects were on an extremely tight turnaround, and each required extensive technical knowledge of responsive mobile web design. They did not have adequate resources to complete the projects within the required timeframe.

Charter Global provided the necessary technical resources to develop custom applications. The app for the theater enabled users to search and select movies, view show times, select seating, make payments, and gain entry from their smartphones. The mobile airline travel booking application enabled users to search for flights, select seating, modify dates and times, and view schedules.

Both applications provided customers with easy-to-use features such as editing, updating, or canceling ticket purchases after confirmation. The applications provided auto-detection of the users’ time zone, language preferences, and context-aware services that enabled users to search for local shops. The unique mobile applications created by Charter Global allowed the client to meet its tight turnaround time and provide a quality customer experience.