SAP Hybris Ecommerce Solution


About the Client

Professional Plumbing Group (PPG) is a major supplier of plumbing parts in the U.S. They developed a homegrown e-commerce solution several years ago. The solution, however, lacked critical functionality, particularly in product search and in its interface usability. PPG also has its own brand, Wolverine Brass, which they want to promote on their corporate website.

They had low adoption by customers of their homegrown e-commerce solution, and their biggest users were their employees. PPG’s top priority for the project was to make their products available across the U.S. through a user-friendly website in order to stay competitive in their market. Their goals were to replace their legacy system, grow their business through a more robust e-commerce solution, and improve the customer experience.

PPG engaged Charter Global for implementation services and for their SAP Hybris preconfigured solution. The SAP solution met PPG’s business operations requirements, and Charter Global met its project schedule and cost requirements with the most capabilities available out of the box. Charter Global developed the roadmap for the PPG e-commerce project, developed the requirements, and implemented the solution using the Agile methodology.

As a result, most of the effort and time was spent on integrating Hybris into the back-end system Microsoft AX and developing the user interface. Following this methodology allowed PPG to provide feedback during solution development, testing, and implementation of the solution. PPG completed its e-commerce implementation in four months. Charter Global initiated the project by developing a detailed roadmap for implementing the e-commerce solution to meet immediate goals, but also to lay the foundation for future capabilities and growth.