SharePoint Office 365 Migration

About the Client

The client has an extensive portfolio of marking, tracking, and computer printing technologies, including RFID and real-time location solutions, that generate insight into an organization’s products, assets, people and transactions. Its solutions, including hardware, software and services, provide precise operational data that enables customers to make more informed decisions.

The company has a geographically dispersed workforce which can present huge challenges in productivity. The client found that the SharePoint On-Premises platform created a significant dependency on internal resources. They wanted to migrate to SharePoint Office 365 but lacked the skilled resources to complete the job.

Charter Global assembled a team of specialized consultants and developers skilled in SharePoint Office 365 to augment the client’s team to address the client’s productivity issues. Collaboration ensured that the migration to the cloud-based platform was completed smoothly. Charter Global Consultants also converted the client’s vendor management system from a manual process to an automated system in Office 365, using Azure Virtual Machine for custom development.

The client successfully migrated 50 SharePoint sites from On-Premises to the cloud platform in less than one month with no downtime. The newly automated vendor management system, custom developed using Azure Virtual Machines (VM), greatly improved efficiency and reduced labor hours, rework and cost. In addition, the Azure VM pay-per-use pricing model helped to increase revenue. With the technology improvements, the client realized cost savings, increased productivity, improved business process efficiency, and experienced greater collaboration among its team.