Specialized Staffing Resources

About the Client

One of the largest consumer products manufacturers in the world, this client provides more than 100 food brands to consumers in more than 100 countries, with over 39,000 employees worldwide.

The client has 30 locations around the world, ranging from corporate offices and sales centers to manufacturing locations. With its team so geographically dispersed, the client needed to improve communications channels between its teams across multiple organizations and locations.

Charter Global identified experts with niche competencies and assembled a team of top level business professionals including business analysts and generalists to fulfill the client’s unique staffing needs. The team evaluated, planned, and scoped multiple initiatives, providing critical data and guidance to stakeholders so they could make informed decisions on how to address challenges.

Charter Global’s business analysts implemented process and technology improvements to effectively connect the augmented staff with the client’s existing resources throughout its multi-tiered organization. As a result, the client’s sales efforts improved, their staff expanded their skills, and the company gained valuable business knowledge that would support its continued growth.